General Lattice: What we do

General Lattice works directly with clients to identify and integrate the benefits of lattice structuring and product personalization into their product offerings, helping enhance the customer experience. At its core, General Lattice vertically integrates design and manufacturing under one roof. Focused on offering holistic solutions to challenges of digital manufacturing, GL believes a full-circle approach is critical to advance the next generation of products and ideas to viable markets. As advancements in manufacturing technology continue to push the boundaries of what is feasible, an inherently different form of design is necessary.

When does additive make sense?

Traditional manufacturing methods were developed to accommodate mass production, but do not support personalization and restrict the design to the capabilities of traditional manufacturing methods. Additive makes sense when a product’s design can be improved through non-traditional geometries (i.e. lattice architectures) or has a level of personalization in its design driven by the consumer. Personalization and data-driven geometries with additive mean a better product at an affordable rate.